Interdisciplinary Artist, Designer, and Educator with a focus on experiential branding. My diverse background in video production, motion design (2D/3D), and sound design enables me to create unique, immersive experiences that captivate and inspire.

Experiential Branding | Game Design | Motion Design | UX Design | Curriculum Design

Quest of the English Club

The Junior High School English Club adopted a gamified learning approach, weaving English education into a narrative where students are transported to a Magic Academy in an alternate world known as “Esperia” where English fuels magical powers.

Inspired by Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and retro fantasy video games, each club session presents a new chapter of the story through videos, introducing characters and English-based challenges. Students, grouped into self-created "Houses" with unique avatars and banners, engage in various activities, earning custom-made stickers that signify their progress and narrative achievements.


Key Deliverables:

  • English Club Branding:
    Logo, typefaces, colors, and overall look.
  • Gamified Curriculum Design:
    Educational approach encouraging intrinsic motivation.
  • World Map and Lore:
    Detailed world map with a diverse cast of characters and rich storylines.
  • 5-15 Minute Story Video 
    A 5-15 minute video to kick off English Club sessions, culminating in a 2-hour and 55-minute movie.
  • Achievement Stickers
  • 8 unique stickers earned upon completing quests and major plot points.
  • Trophy Logo Design
  • Custom logo for awarding top performer at the end of club.

Engagement Tools:

  • Interactive Worksheets
  • Includes Character Profile and Wand Workshop sheets.
  • Holiday Clubs
  • Immersive and themed experiences for Christmas and Halloween, creating memorable cultural interactions.
  • Point System and Currency
  • Points system used as currency for buying cards that can affect team scores.
  • Microsoft Teams Integration
  • Interaction and awards system for engagement outside the classroom.
  • Wand Workshop
  • Hands-on activity for students to create their own unique wands.
  • Interactive RPG Game
    Created with RPG Maker MZ, utilizing student vocabulary.

Software Used:

  • Adobe Suite:
    InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Premiere, Audition.
  • OBS Studio:
    For presenting videos and images on TV, creating smooth transitions.
  • VoiceMod:
    Soundboard during games.
  • Google Suite:
    Docs, Sheets, Slides for lore, lesson planning, and tracking points.
  • Unreal Engine 5:
    Animating backgrounds.
  • RPG Maker Bakin:
    Animating characters and text dialogue.
  • RPG Maker MZ:
    Creating the Final English Club RPG Game.
  • Microsoft Teams:
    Online engagement and announcements outside the class.


  • USJETAA Microgrant:
    Awarded $1000 for Holiday Clubs & Activities.

User Research | UX Design

The Mekong Journey

For the AIGA DC SHINE Mentorship, I embarked on "The Mekong Journey," a project aimed at capturing and preserving the generational stories and cultural heritage of Lao-American immigrants. Guided by the question, "How might we effectively capture and preserve the generational stories and cultural heritage of Lao-American immigrants to foster understanding and connectivity within and beyond the community?" I conducted interviews and surveys to uncover personal experiences and cultural practices. Key questions focused on participants' origins, knowledge of their ancestors' lives in Laos and initial U.S. experiences, and their engagement in Lao cultural practices.

Through this research, I recognized a generational disconnect and the need to create a platform connecting social media to an archive, preserving these invaluable stories.

The design process involved developing wayfinding tools, creating prototypes, and wireframing potential products. The project evolved into a visualization endeavor documenting and sharing the journey of Lao-American immigrants. Using affinity mapping to identify common themes and opportunities, I developed a comprehensive product design. Reflecting on this journey, I leveraged design thinking to explore and preserve cultural identity, gaining insights into the art of possibility through qualitative research. The final deliverable was a detailed documentation and visualization of the research journey, showcasing personal stories and increasing community awareness. This project not only preserved valuable cultural stories but also enhanced my UX/UI design and research methodology skills, providing a meaningful and impactful experience.

Experiential Branding | FrontEnd Web Development | UI/UX Design | Project Management

Cyberpunk Vices & Virtues

"Cyberpunk: Vices & Virtues" is an extensive role-playing game campaign designed for the tabletop RPG system, Cyberpunk RED. This project showcases a deep integration of narrative design, graphic and UX/UI design, audio curation, and system implementation within the Foundry VTT platform, creating a rich, immersive gaming experience.

As the Game Master for an extensive Cyberpunk RED campaign, I crafted an immersive narrative that integrates dark futuristic aesthetics with rich character development and intricate plot lines. In preparation for this role, I conducted in-depth research into Future User Interface (FUI) designs as depicted in influential works such as Evangelion, Bladerunner, and the Cyberpunk series, drawing inspiration to enhance the visual and interactive elements of the game environment. This research informed the creation of engaging landing page interfaces on FoundryVTT, contributing to the immersive experience in the Cyberpunk World. This project showcases the ability to manage large-scale creative projects, demonstrates proficiency in digital design tools, and highlights my capacity to create captivating user experiences.

Cyberpunk: Vices & Virtues" is unofficial content provided under the Homebrew Content Policy of R. Talsorian Games and is not approved or endorsed by RTG. This content references materials that are the property of R. Talsorian Games and its licensee

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