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Cyberpunk Vices & Virtues

"Cyberpunk: Vices & Virtues" is an extensive role-playing game campaign designed for the tabletop RPG system, Cyberpunk RED. This project showcases a deep integration of narrative design, graphic and UX/UI design, audio curation, and system implementation within the Foundry VTT platform, creating a rich, immersive gaming experience.

As the Game Master for an extensive Cyberpunk RED campaign, I crafted an immersive narrative that integrates dark futuristic aesthetics with rich character development and intricate plot lines. In preparation for this role, I conducted in-depth research into Future User Interface (FUI) designs as depicted in influential works such as Evangelion, Bladerunner, and the Cyberpunk series, drawing inspiration to enhance the visual and interactive elements of the game environment. This research informed the creation of engaging landing page interfaces on FoundryVTT, contributing to the immersive experience in the Cyberpunk World. This project showcases the ability to manage large-scale creative projects, demonstrates proficiency in digital design tools, and highlights my capacity to create captivating user experiences.

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